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In the Flesh, 2011, is based on actual photos of my own aging skin. I combined photography with painting. It is comprised of six large panels of transparent polyester film (Mylar). Each panel incorporates three separate layers – the photographic image and two painted layers. Not only do the layers of Mylar represent layers of skin but also, they are reminiscent of processes used in commercial printing – part of my 30 years in the graphic design industry. The painted panels are divided between warm and cool colours and follow lines within each photographic image, thus, each panel becomes individualized and a ‘typographical map’ of my skin.


In response to the work a viewer remarked; “The more we thought and talked about it the more we understood and appreciated [In the Flesh] for the visually stunning and unique impact of it and the absolutely perfect reflection of you…thank you for stating in the most remarkable manner, what all women would like to express…” 

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