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Cut-Outs 2014, is based on my reaction of the over 4000 children who died in residential schools in Canada. This installation aims to capture the attention of others who like me, have been silent on – even unaware of – this part of our collective history. 4000 paper dolls are strung virtually from every direction of the gallery space. While viewing the installation the viewer is inundated and overwhelmed at the sheer number of paper dolls surrounding them while standing on the remnants of the cut paper.  Each doll is hand cut from copies of the original Ottawa Citizen article, which reported the death of over 4000 Aboriginal children. The newspaper article represents the media’s lack of acknowledgement of these and other critical events affecting Aboriginal peoples. I have chosen to use paper dolls as they represent the lives of children in a celebratory way, as every individual child deserves to be recognized.

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